The rose wedding of Franziska & Sebastian in the „Dialekt“ in Merdingen

The colour subject red & gold unites with pearls & classical elegance, this is the dream wedding of Franziska & Sebastian.
The bride Franziska loves classical red roses & would like to have sticked this quite elegantly in the whole Wedding floristic.
A great July wedding with a Protestant wedding in the church in Vörstetten & the champagne reception in the shady beer garden of the inn “Sonne” in Vörstetten & a successful evening celebration in the „Dialekt“ in Merdingen.
We wedding planner have decorated the church, have blocked off the beer garden, the auto bow distributed, the guest’s presents distributed, the fans built up and many others till the wedding day begins at 14.00 o’clock. Our wedding photographer Dominic can catch miraculous bride and groom photos in the evening sun of Merdingen & the summer grill buffet in the „Dialekt“ looks very inviting, as usual. The wedding cake with fresh berries opens the dessert buffet & for the wedding dance the guests spray sparks for Franzi & Sebastian.

The wedding planners Anna-Maria & Rebecca thank for the great feedback of ours 11th of July bride and groom:

„Many many thanks over again for your great support by the preparation and also in the wedding. You are with the reason for the fact that this day will remain unforgettably nicely in our memory!
Also many thanks for your present we have pleased us really about it and could use it great to rest.“
Franziska & Sebastian from Vörstetten




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