Vintage styled Barnwedding at Freiamt

Vintage styled Barnwedding at Freiamt


Taking place at the Freiamt, this amazing barn wedding of Andrea and Thorsten is indeed very special. A sweet vintage styled wedding with lots of pink and full of breathtaking details.
The Church wedding decor was jazzed up with our golden wedding chairs bearing the signage “Better together”. Soon after the Church ceremony there was a small champagne reception followed by proceeding to the evening location.
We wedding planners from Waldkirch create magic! Vintage inspired Buntings and twinkling fairy lights, laying the table runners, a rustic wooden crate Candy bar with lots of balloons, our Cigar bar suiting the barn settings, hanging blooms and last but not the least our photo box – every single object added to the Vintage, Rustic chic flair.

In the wonderful garden of the barn, was the balloon artist Cunegonde amusing everyone young and old with his awesome creations. The guests enjoyed the summery strawberry punch.

The seating plan was creatively designed in a wooden crate with blooms and the guests can find their seating details on a sweet macaron. To top it up, was a great Naked cake by Patisserie M from Freiburg. Our team of wedding planners-Jeanine and Anna enjoyed the day to bits. Many thanks for letting us being a part of this joyous celebrations.

The event decorators from Freiburg / Waldkirch and surroundings: Anna – Maria & team . We also rent individual decorative items for your wedding party for an absolute eye-catcher!

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