Ceren & Gabriel weds at the Wasserschloss Whyer in Ettiswil

Ceren & Gabriel weds at the Wasserschloss Whyer in Ettiswil


Sunny day with 38 C, nature ambience, a beautiful Wasserschloss (water castle), a free wedding ceremony on an idyllic lake, an open bar and countless balloons with lots of lovely details. The wedding of Ceren and Gabriel in the wonderful location of Switzerland is something very special.
The wedding ceremony started at 3 PM in the best weather ever.
The sun umbrellas were decorated with colorful ribbons and a white curtain served as the background for the wedding ceremony.
Bouquets and rose petals were laid throughout the walkway to the ceremony. The bridesmaid, followed by the best man and finally the bride along with her father made the ceremonial walk.
As refreshments a water bar, hand-fans and victorian styled paper umbrellas were kept within reach.
In front of the large striking gate of the castle, 2 large bunches of giant sized balloons were placed in accordance with the wedding colors. All along the way to the castle, we decorated with countless balloons in varying sizes and colors.
Our beloved Michael dressed as a waiter to welcomes the guests with  Turkish Lokum.
After the wedding ceremony, there was an exquisite champagne reception at the Castle courtyard.
During sunset, our wedding photographer Dominic took the wedding couple to the nearby cornfield to for a photoshoot with a magnificent backdrop. Thats when the two could ease out for a while and feel relaxed.
There was a guitarist for the wedding reception who entertained the guests with his music.
The design for the dinner room was elegant with floor-length tablecloths, a separate wedding couple table, silver candle holders beautifully curated with flowers balls, handwritten frames with table numbers, small glass holders with sweet favors and personalised menu and place cards.
The design for the dinner room is elegant with floor-length tablecloths, a bridal couple table, silver candlesticks with flower balls, handwritten frame with the table numbers, small glass tufts with almonds, personalised menu and place cards.
We are on site by night & on Monday to carry on the after-wedding service.
Thank you very much for this great day at this incredibly wonderful location. Thank you for your trust dear Ceren and dear Gabriel & all the best for your future together.

“Dear Anna-Maria & Team, we would like to thank you very much. You are really a great team and we are glad that you have been with us. It all worked so wonderfully and you were sooo competent. Really TOP !. Thank you!”
Gabriel & Ceren from Kaiseraugst, Switzerland


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