Wedding planning at the Palazzo Callas in Sirmione and at the restaurant Tancredi on Lake Garda

Wedding planning at the Palazzo Callas in Sirmione and at the restaurant Tancredi on Lake Garda

WOW! What a weekend for our wedding planner Anna-Maria & our wedding photographer Dominic.
With 6 months of planning, preparation and hard work with the wedding couple our Wedding planner -Anna-Maria makes this great day actually happen.
On Friday, venues are visited, access roads cleared, prosecco cans cooled, last  minute agreements made, napkins folded, the boat tour coordinated, Pom Pom’s hung up and a lot more ��
Then on Saturday it’s time for the long awaited day: The wedding van is no more the vonRock car but a bike with trailer. Because in the beautiful old town of Sirmione only pedestrians are allowed. By car it is also not only difficult but also very time-consuming. So here goes Anna with her bike to Palazzo Callas, which is decorated with ribbons & Pom Pom’s. Also, the fans, which are used as a day plan, are laid out ready for all guests.
Later the guests are greeted and escorted in the town hall. The dinner location is decorated with special napkins, the guest favors (test tube filled with sweets and a handwritten tag “Grazie”), many Pom Pom’s, countless small vases with intricate flower arrangement, lanterns with colored scented candles are set up, the prosecco / cigar bar is set up, the guestbook (stones for guest’s signature) is placed, menu cards is placed etc.
We the wedding planners really have a lot to plan and do at this wedding on Lake Garda. 52 guests from Germany, Switzerland & Milan travel all the way to celebrate with Melanie & Nicolo on this special day.
Our set of stationeries and wedding invitation suites at this wedding was produced individually and are of high quality: Drishti created the hand lettering (calligraphy) artistically and our graphic designer Lorena finalized & printed the entire series.
So from the invitation card, tags for the guest favors to the menu cards in the white frame & the special tags at the large table plan all hand lettered. Especially for us and for the guests the boat trip around the peninsula was a cherry on the cake. After the champagne reception at the carducci square we traveledl with 3 boats to the dinner location. On board the guests & the bridal couple enjoyed the ride with personalized Prosecco, water, great music & best weather – What a party!
We arrived in Tancredi, these are finest recipient for the reception and the view of the lake is very inviting for all the guests to sit, enjoy and unwind themselves in the lounge.
The ambience is really unique: the wild waves, a panoramic view, a cozy atmosphere. Soft lantern lights, cozy lounges & warm September temperatures – what more could you ask for?
The two of them had an exquisite dinner for everyone and not to forget the main course : Steinbutt in the black bread coating mmmh!
On Sunday we are back on track again along the wedding dress and make our way to the old town & searched for a charming cottage. The bridal gown fits perfect to this settings right?

Dear Melanie and Nicolo, thank you for believing in us! It was a wonderful time with you both & the weekend at Lake Garda was terrific! On our next visit to Zurich, we will definitely pass by.
You are a wonderful couple & have a great family. We felt so comfortable-thank you for all. We wish you all the happiness of the world
Anna-Maria & Dominic – Planners


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