Wedding floristry – what you should know about it!

Wedding floristry – what you should know about it!

1. I have a special flower request: Do I get all kinds of flowers all year round?

Of course, there are seasonal flowers such as tulips that only bloom in spring. Through the greenhouses from our supplieres, we have the possibility to order the desired flowers almost all year round. The current trend now is of the African protea, all summer brides want to have them in the bridal bouquet, but the natural flowering time is only in winter. The greenhouse cultures make it possible for the global suppliers to supply various desired flowers, such as Proteas, also in summer, but then of course at a higher price. If a winter bride absolutely wants yellow sunflowers in the bridal bouquet, then we try to make this possible in order to witness a smile in the bride’s face! However, the most beautiful is a seasonal flower selection, matching the season and the colour theme.

2. should I necessarily use regional and seasonal flowers?

We try to buy as many flowers as possible from our local dealer. Unfortunately, regional suppliers usually do not have all varieties. We are forced to purchase the remaining goods from a global supplier in order to present the brides with a broad spectrum of cut flower varieties and to design the wedding floristry with desired flowers.

3. how big should the bridal bouquet be? Suitably to the body size or after taste? How heavy is a bouquet anyway?

It all depends on the bride. Some like a smaller one, others want it opulent. However, we always recommend that the size of the bridal bouquet matches the figure so that the bride does not appear “too overloaded” with a bridal bouquet. It has to match the bride’s proportions. The shape of the bridal bouquet must also match the shape of the dress. The weight of the bridal bouquet depends on how much material has been processed. The more flowers and stems, the heavier it becomes for the bride. At the moment the maxi bouquet is the absolute hit – at least in wedding magazines. These bouquets are heavy and unpleasant to carry for the bride for the entire day. Ultimately, every bride has to decide for herself what she likes and what she feels most comfortable with, because on the most beautiful day of her life, the bride should not only feel 100% comfortable.

4. how long do the flowers last after the wedding? What do I do with it?

The durability of the flowers after the wedding depends on how the flowers were processed. In the bouquet, of course, they do not last as long as the flowers in vases on the table or in a floral arrangement. For the bridal bouquet, we prepare the flowers so that they last as long as possible: we tie the flower stems with wet cotton wool and leave the flower stems in the water until shortly before collection/delivery to ensure sufficient water. On the table the flowers in vases generally last a few days after the wedding, but also depends on the location and temperatures. After the wedding the bridal bouquet is traditionally hung upside down to dry. So even years after the wedding the bride still has a souvenir of the great day. A nice gesture is the gift of the table decoration in the location to the guests when they go home, so that also the guests remember the beautiful day.

5. does the maid of honor and the best man also receive flowers? What can you do?

For the maid of honor, the absolute trend at the moment is a flower bracelet or a flower wreath for the hair. The typical bouquets for the maid of honor are only held in the hand for a short time, for example for photos. A floral wreath around the head or wrist makes itself more attractive and is worn longer. The bouquet, on the other hand, the bridesmaids can take home and have a nice souvenir after the wedding. For the best man we can usually design the same corsage as for the groom. Usually it is presented to the best man as a surprise on the day of the wedding. He will be especially happy!

6. flowers always have a meaning/symbolic – the red rose is the epitome of love. Which kinds of flowers are not suitable for a wedding because they are used, for example, for funeral ceremonies?

You can’t be too sure. What used to be once known as a funeral flower is now increasingly reflected in wedding floristry. For example the carnation: There are sooo many different sorts of carnations in various forms and wonderful colors. For some this may be a funeral flower, but the most important thing is that the bride chooses her favorite flowers and assembles the flower combination. The red rose is also not a typical wedding flower. It is used for funerals as well as weddings, as it symbolizes eternal love. But one should be careful with the meanings and symbolisations of the flowers: Every website and every flower book has different meanings.

7. I need different vases and lanterns, etc. Do I have to buy them all?

Of course we have many different rental vessels, which we make available to our bridal couples. But the containers are also gladly bought in addition, in order to give the guests the flower decoration afterwards completely with vases or containers – also a nice idea, in order to express the guests again gratitude with the farewell.

8 What are the trends for 2018 in the field of wedding floristry?

2018 is still clearly under the trend: eucalyptus. Combined with the greatest colours such as apricot, berry, the Pantone trend colour ultra violet. What’s more this year are very bright colours like pink, berry & orange and rather the exotic cut flowers. What we can definitely say is that the table decorations move away a little from the individual flowers in many small glasses and more flower arrangements have been ordered again. In general, it is difficult to predict the trends in wedding floristry because it is important that the bridal couple like it. The wishes are so different and that is the great thing about floristry – no bridal bouquet is like the other and is made individually for the bride.

9. I don’t want to throw my bouquet. Is there an alternative?

No one has to throw their own bouquet. For the brides, who would like to keep the bridal bouquet as a souvenir of the beautiful day, we make special throw-away bouquets. This is like a copy of the bridal bouquet, only a little smaller. It’s very popular with bridesmaids.

10. I’d like to put fresh flowers in my wedding hairstyle. Is that possible? Which flowers are suitable for this?

First of all, it’s great that you don’t choose dried flowers, because they have to match the rest of the wedding floristry. We provide the hairdresser with fresh flowers. These are padded and wired with cotton wool on the flower stems, just like in a bridal bouquet, so that the hairdresser can perfectly integrate them into the bridal hairstyle. In this case, one generally chooses suitable flowers as in a bridal bouquet, also with a long shelf life. What lasts long in the hair are e.g. roses, baby’s breath, small clove blossoms, gomphrena, chrysanthemum blossoms, calancho blossoms, ornithogalum, wax flower and various greens, e.g. eucalyptus.

11. do I see the bridal bouquet for the first time at the wedding or is it possible to see it in advance?

Almost all brides want a surprise on their wedding day. It is something special when the bridal bouquet is presented on the day of the wedding as a surprise by the groom or the maid of honor. Of course, brides also have the option of having a trial bridal bouquet made approx. 1-2 weeks in advance for an extra charge.

12. Can I buy the flowers loose from you and decorate them myself? Or do you do everything?

You could also buy them loose from us and decorate them yourself. But are we honest, do you or your family want to take care of the decoration the day before? We take over the delivery of the complete flower decoration to the bridal couple, to the church and of course to the location and pick everything up again. Just as the bride and groom wishes. The bridal couple, family and friends have no stress and can fully enjoy the day before and the wedding day.

13. What do I do with the flowers from the church? Can I reuse them on my wedding day?

The flowers from the church are usually taken to the evening location. These are too bad to leave in church. Usually a guest or the wedding planner is asked to take the altar decorations or other floral decorations with him. The decorations of the altar look beautiful on columns at the entrance to the location, for example, and show off to their best advantage in a completely different way. The flower arrangement of the wedding chairs could also be tied to the bridal couple chairs in the location.
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