Huas geschmückt mit einer Lichterkette, davor eine Tischreihe

A summer dream: getting married on the finca Son Mir in Mallorca

Long we were allowed to accompany these 2 sweet. It all began when we visited wedding planners at the wedding loft, when the Swiss couple requested support for their wedding. Mallorca: there we are wedding planner and our wedding photographers, of course, immediately and can offer a comprehensive service. With the location search, everything starts: it should be the Finca Son Mir. After the visit it is clear: here, on the Finca Son Mir you can celebrate a wedding dream! We recommend the best service providers on the island, which we can recommend with a good heart. Reliability is the A & O for this service. For our bride and groom we are competent contact person in Germany and the appointments take place with us in the wedding loft. With the service providers in Mallorca we take over the arrangement and organization – we have the best contacts on the sunny island of Mallorca. The decoration concept is created by us and we take care of the complete organization and ordering of the equipment. A long dinner table with floor-length tablecloths in gray with succulents and many candles – a feast for the eyes. For the children we have organized a great child care from Kids Up Mallorca over the whole evening. Thus, even the smallest are well supplied. Fantastic live music by Sandra Backwinkel and Hernan for the wedding and the subsequent aperitif. Even the ceremony was very emotional and was held great by the trainer Diana Hirsch Mallorca. Guests are entertained by a quick-draw artist and can take the drawings home as reminders. Mahra and Chris: a very interesting and warm bridal couple! The day after the wedding, the two have invited to the afterwedding party on the Finca Cas Misser. We also grilled and strengthened ourselves before it goes to the location check for the next morning. On Monday in the morning it starts: it is firmly wandered to the northernmost point of the island of Mallorca. Good to see with the lighthouse: Cap Formentor! Lookout point for many tourists and photographers. We played early bird and were right at the top of the mountain before sunrise – so fantastic pictures in all togetherness! As a guest gift every guest was allowed to take a great olive oil Finca Son Mir. That was an experience! We are so thankful for the trust in us and our work 🙂 Thank you!