Free wedding & wedding party at Schloss Burkheim with Freetent | Hochzeitsplanerin in Freiburg & Basel rockwedding
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Alte Schlossruine mit Zelt und Lichterkette

Free wedding & wedding party at Schloss Burkheim with Freetent

Our wedding design was in demand, our wedding design was delivered. The bridal couple wished for a vintage & bohooo style wedding. For this we have created the concept of decoration & flower selection.
The free wedding under the Freetent with our decoration: We like! The couple is the “Yes I do” in front of our Traubogen with beautiful flower garland, the guests were allowed to take a seat on our folding chairs.
In the castle, where the evening event and the dinner took place, we took over the table & room decoration. Our napkins in eucalyptus were used, as well as a number of beautiful bouquets + loose eucalyptus, according to the color theme: mixed, but still one.
Burkheim Castle is a vast area where we all had a lot to do. It was worth it: We Deko-angel rocked it 🖤🌿