Ein liebevoll gedeckter Tisch mit weißen Servietten.

Weddings on beautiful Lake Constance and in Switzerland with us wedding planner from Freiburg

Our bride, a real London woman, has commissioned us to plan her most beautiful day in life as part of our overall organization / worry-free planning.

In advance, service providers were booked, the decoration theme discussed and a daily routine created.
The chapel: an ultra sweet and pretty on the Rheinauinsel in Switzerland – the Spitzkirche. Here we were allowed to attach the entire floristry, distribute church books, build the waterbar and finally invite the guests.
The gospel choir with Halleluja: goose bumps!

Then there was a photo shoot and the opening of our sweet & salty bar.
In the beautiful castle Freudental the reception and the evening party take place.
The sun in the sky, the sparkling wine in the hand and happy guests – relaxed can not be a wedding party!
Many photos were taken in the wonderful garden of the location.
We wedding planners have beautifully decorated the evening room: classic and elegant, to match the events.
A seating plan made of gold: an absolute eye-catcher!

Handwritten name tags on eucalyptus leaves – an absolutely individual detail.
We wedding planner accompanied the bride and groom until the evening and in the party hall a party took place.
Thank you for allowing us to arrange such wonderful, interesting and international weddings.