Tische unter einem Zelt

Wedding party with a view over the Kaiserstuhl

When we received the request for a wedding party at the barbecue hut in Endingen, even we could not have guessed how nice the before-and-after comparison is. Through our wedding design, we were able to conjure up the concept for the decoration and the flower selection for the wedding celebration. Pink, pastel & white was the bride’s wish.
Arrived on site, we set up our tables under the Freetent and decorated. We have chosen the tablecloths and the napkins to match the theme. Eye-catcher here: the bride has chosen gin bottles as vases. Something completely different 🙂 We were able to decorate the whole area with our wine boxes, the VonRock bar, copper-colored lanterns, fairy lights, lanterns and our carpet with many cushions as Chil-Out Lounge.
The bridal couple, the diligent helpers, all service providers and we have transformed the site into a beautiful romantic wedding location.

Fotos: Lifestories by Stephanie Hamann