A summer garden wedding with the wedding dinner frame in dialekt in merdingen

The concept captivates with dried flowers and a special portion of nonchalance. We, wedding planners from Freiburg, laid out carpets and pillows and built up our wedding background. The bridal couple said YES in the smallest circle, relaxed and with a glass of refreshing summer splash. Afterwards, Max Triess was singing live and while the guests toasted.

An absolute highlight: the dinner table for the small round with the dinner frame – the wooden frame for special decorations. All dried flowers were attached to the frame. The dinner table with rustic wooden tables from the dialect were decorated with our natural placemats. Our new cutlery in white and gold and the geometrical lights in gold are simply in and you can be creative with the colours. Also you can give the dried flowers as a gift to your guests.

It was a wonderfully relaxed party and we also showed how to get married and what possibilities there are 🙂