With much blood, sweat and tears for our wedding pairs.

We take over your individual wedding planning with complete organisation or only subranges with a lot of love to the detail and the highest claim from reliability and quality. rockwedding recommends you exclusively and special wedding location, as well as carefully selected and competent service companies.


We put together a preselection in wedding-Locations which we have already checked for availability in your desired date. Then on one day we go together on “Location tour” and select afterwards your dream location. We are the mediator and inspiration giver between you and the booked service companies. We give to you important check lists, cost controls, valuable tips and hints, compatible dates, take comparisons of prices and erect a final expiry plan.


Of course we are present also on the day of the wedding, all service companies co-ordinate on site and provide thus for a free from problems expiry either in the foreground as a ceremony master or as a a good fairy and a supporting hand in the background. Enjoy a relaxed preparation time and feel good and relaxed on your own wedding.


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That is what we stand for

Everything for your wedding party from a hand of people with heart with a lot of love to the detail. Every day.

If you like to take up the services of our team, we are pleased very much. Of course you can also introduce your own service companies or we select from our repertoire exactly the suitable supplier for you.

weddingplanner & weddingdesigner

Hello, I am Anna-Maria Althaus-Rock and may introduce myself as the heart from rockwedding. After my education in the hotel expert in the nice Elztal it pulled me in the big wide world. First my Englishschool visit in New York, then I was active as a restaurant manager with events in the 5-stars Hotellerie in Salzburg (Austria), Saint Moritz (Switzerland) and in Kempinski hotel in Munich. Consequently I finished my education in the hotel master with electoral direction event management in the hotel college in Heidelberg. The training to the professional wedding planner & wedding decorator among other things in the Blackford centre in England complement my profile of the wedding planner. Now I live with my family in beautiful Freiburg. We are active for our customers and service companies in the region Freiburg, Lörrach, Basel and from Constance to Langenargen in Lake of Constance.

wedding photographer

Dominic Rock is our passionate wedding photographer & a wedding planner loyal to detail. Since 2005 he accompanies wedding pairs worldwide with his camera and starts trends in the industry. Unique wedding pictures in the modern report style. Creative – emotional – incredible! From the report on your wedding day till designing your exclusive wedding album – Dominic fulfils all your wishes.

wedding planner & wedding designer

Sonja supports our rockwedding team in the back office and as our wedding assistant. Due to her experience as team assistant, it’s no problem for her to maintain perspective without getting worked up. She is fascinated and enthusiastic about the topic wedding for a long time. That’s perfect to show her organisational talent by planning your perfect wedding including even the smallest detail.
She makes the perfect, stylish decoration with devotion which completes her profile.

Hochzeitsdesign Schriftzug

wedding coordinator

Our Janine already did a traineeship in 2014. Since then she supports our project managers. As fairy godmother and helping hand she is always present in tricky situations during the wedding day. Either as contact person for your guests or as decorator for preparations in the background.

illustrator & calligrapher

Drishti is our on-site Illustrator and calligrapher who is passionate about all things creative. From hand-painted wedding invitation suites with a personal and intimate touch to beautifully hand-lettered stationery and signages, she infuses the love story in her work. She collaborates with the couple to capture their unique style and create a keepsake reflecting life’s special moments.
Armed with seven years experience in blogging and creative writing, Drishti also compliments our team by contributing to our blogs and social media.