Romantic castle wedding at Meersburg Castle on Lake Constance

Romantic castle wedding at Meersburg Castle on Lake Constance


The sun is shining with the mecury level at 27 °. The guests of the wedding are accommodated in the Residenz am See and have direct proximity to the evening location. The wedding planners have arrived at Lake Constance and starts to hang up hats, binding loops, distribute name plates, place macarons at every guest plate, arrange the flower decoration, set up the seating plan, build the photobox, decorate the mirror hall for wedding ceremony and much more. The entire wedding paraphernalia is, of course, on us and it is everything exactly matched. The invitation cards harmonize perfectly with the menu cards. Very special and noble are in this case the silver stampings. After the wedding in the mirror hall in the castle Meersburg, we follow  to the beautiful lake terrace of the castle. A fast-drawing artist entertains the guests with funny cartoons. A berry heart is cut and served with coffee and cakes. At a later hour, the bride and bridegroom opens the dinner hall. The evening menu is very exquisite. As always, the team around Mrs. Scheffold is very attentive, professional and committed. In the beautiful sunset a group photo is taken with our drone. After the main course it is the time for wedding dance directly at the rail to the lake. It cannot be  more romantic than this. Keeping in line with the ending of the wedding ceremony, there is an extravagant fireworks.  Later there is the bridal bouquet inside and the party is opened. The band Popsofa sets the right party mood. At midnight we the wedding planners and wedding photographers say goodbye to  the guests and head back to our hotel. The next morning at 09.00 we are again ready for the after-wedding service and drive from Lake Constance to back to Freiburg. We really enjoyed this weekend, thanks for that.

 Made with love for our couple K & R from Villingen- Schwenningen

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