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Our weddings are as unique as our couples. Weddings need a lot, but one thing they need the most: people with hearts. With a lot of empathy, imagination, creativity and know-how we would like to go plan your wedding and support you on your unforgettable day.

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Long we were allowed to accompany these 2 sweet. It all began when we visited wedding planners at the wedding loft, when the Swiss couple requested support for their wedding. Mallorca: there we are wedding planner and our wedding photographers, of course, immediately and can......

Janna and Patrick – a dream couple! The two: sweet, beautiful and just great! That this day is a dream day is still clear as day;) In the morning it was raining when we wedding planner decorated the wedding location, the new castle Meersburg. But......

The wedding party with 160 guests took place in the Sichtwerk in Eimeldingen and we wedding decorators have implemented the decoration concept. With a lot of bling bling and shine we were able to conjure up here and realize the golden glamor dream. The bride......

„Don’t let small things get to you. There are always going to be small details that won’t be exactly as you planned, don’t worry, it ends up being just fine.“

Anna-Maria Rock

weddingplanner & wedding designer

Hello, I am Anna-Maria Rock and may introduce myself as the heart of rockwedding. Get to know me today and maybe we’ll work together on your dream wedding!

Hochzeitsplanerin Anna-Maria Rock.

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