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Your Weddingplanner in the South of Germany: From Freiburg to Baden-Baden, as well as from Lake Constance to Meersburg. In Switzerland from Basel, via Zurich to Lucerne. Specialized in destination weddings in Northern Italy, Lake Garda and Mallorca.

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About Anna-Maria

Hello, my name is Anna-Maria Rock and I would like to introduce myself as the heart of rockwedding. Wedding planning is my great passion: Organizing reliable service providers, finding breathtaking wedding locations or designing a harmonious decoration concept is crucial for a successful wedding and is one of the tasks of a wedding planner. 
I am a successful business woman and a proud mother of three children. I run a limited liability company with my husband Dominic, which makes me a true business mom. I have worked in the hotel industry for many years and have gained valuable experience in event management both at home and abroad. I completed my training at the renowned hotel management school in Heidelberg and was able to use my knowledge and my passion for the organization and planning of events in various positions. Today I bring my experience to my own company and show that it is possible to successfully combine family and work.


With my team, I have the perfect opportunity to look after all couples individually. All wedding planners in our team are trained accordingly. My team and I realize dream weddings in the region of Freiburg, southern Baden, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.


I am the marketing team leader in the Association of “Bund Deutscher Hochzeitsplaner” and can be seen at regular Instagram Live Sessions. The Association of “Bund Deutscher Hochzeitsplaner” stands for professionalism in the wedding industry.
Get to know me today to plan your dream wedding together! 


“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” 

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Love letters

We planned a destination wedding in Italy - Anna Maria ran our entire wedding day, I was so impressed how professionally she handled everything. Her support and help meant so much to us, as we where able to completely switch off and enjoy the day. I also know with out her help I wouldn’t have been able to manage all the little details that I hadn’t even thought of.
Ashley & Marc
Italy Wedding
ABSOLUTE RECOMMENDATION ❤ Anna planned our absolute dream wedding in Italy with and for us and ensured that everything went smoothly on that day. Thank you Anna and your team for the great planning, support, valuable inputs and you as a person!
Birte & Kevin
Wedding at Lake Garda
We had our wedding planned by Anna-Maria and it was a perfect day. We almost felt like guests at our wedding. No matter what problems arise, everything was managed and we ended up with everything as we imagined. We would do it again.
Aya & Marc
Wedding Hoher Darsberg
Do you really need a wedding planner? If you had asked us 2 years before the wedding, we would have answered no: We are creative, well organized, full of good ideas and thought that we could do it ourselves. But we liked Anna-Maria's beautiful style so much that we still met her and we finally trusted our instincts and hired her. We have NEVER regretted this step. Thanks Anna-Maria, it was bombastic.
Aisha & Markus
Wedding Morrhof

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Follow us around on a wedding day

For Patricia & Simon we were able to implement a full service in wedding planning at the wedding location in Gut Rehbach. At this wedding in Gut Rehbach, the great decorative items from vonRock Events were used. Join our day as a wedding planner at this beautiful wedding. We are already looking forward to your wedding planning! So what are we waiting for? Let’s celebrate your wedding!

Destination Wedding

Are you dreaming of a wedding abroad? Do you get goosebumps at the thought of getting married on Lake Garda or on the beach in Spain? Then let us make your dream come true!


Destination weddings are totally trendy in 2023 & 2024 ! When planning for such a wedding, there are many points that you have to consider! Save time, money and nerves and let us plan your wedding together.


The wedding planners at Rockwedding all speak German and English. For weddings in Italy we also have Italian speaking wedding planners. The border region of France is of course served in French . For our bridal couples we organize weddings in southern Germany including Freiburg to Basel & Zurich, as well as all of Switzerland, Austria, France and of course Italy & Spain.

Destination weddings have some special features compared to traditional hometown or nearby weddings. Here are some potential specifics of destination weddings :


  1. Travel and Accommodation: Destination weddings often require guests to travel and book accommodation to get to the wedding. That means planning the wedding requires more lead time and guests may have to spend more money.
  2. Cultural Experiences: Destination weddings can also provide an opportunity to gain cultural experiences that are not available at a traditional wedding. For example, couples might choose to get married in a country whose culture and history interests them.
  3. Nature Experiences: When couples choose to get married in a remote location, they can experience the beauty and natural wonders of the place . A beach, a mountain landscape or a desert oasis could serve as a backdrop.
  4. More Intimate Celebration: Destination weddings are often smaller and more intimate than traditional weddings. Choosing to only invite close friends and family members can create a more intimate atmosphere.
  5. Challenges: Destination weddings can also have their challenges . For example, arranging the logistics of travel, accommodation and activities for guests can be difficult. The language barrier and cultural differences can also play a role when getting married abroad.

Winter Wedding

Fantastic winter wedding in the mountains of Austria . 
We wedding planners from Rockwedding will not only accompany you on your big day to Freiburg, the Black Forest or Basel, but will also take you to the mountains in Austria. We wedding planners have already planned a great winter wedding on the Rufana Alp , in the middle of a ski area. The first challenge for the wedding planners was to get all the decorative items from vonRock Events up the mountain in one piece. A winter wedding entails many planning details that we wedding planners from Freiburg always keep in mind.


So a Skidoo was booked, which brought the decorative items including the wedding planner safely to the mountain hut on the freshly snowed-in slope. A super nice rustic mountain hut with a lot of charm awaited the two wedding planners. 
 The dreamlike location in Austria was decorated by our wedding planner Anna and the wedding planner assistant with cozy accessories such as lanterns, blankets and skins from vonRock from Elzach near Freiburg. On the wedding day, wedding planner Anna and wedding planner assistant Caro armed themselves with warm shoes, thick jackets and gloves. While there was no snow at home, Freiburg in Breisgau in the south of the Black Forest, there was fresh snow in Austria overnight . The first priority for our wedding planners was to get the bride and groom, the wedding guests and the servants up the mountain unharmed. The wedding guests, all from Freiburg in the Black Forest arrived were of course well briefed by our wedding planner Anna and wedding planner assistant Caro about weatherproof clothing. 
As a wedding planner you have to be prepared for every situation and circumstance.
Book the Parkhotel Adler venue early. This luxurious hotel offers various rooms for weddings, such as the elegant Adler Saal or the romantic Winter Garden Restaurant. Find out about the available packages and menu options. 


Second,  decide on a color scheme and wedding theme that matches the luxury ambience of the hotel. For example, choose gold and champagne as your color scheme and plan a glamorous 1920s-inspired “Gatsby” wedding. Or we wedding planners create a decoration concept for the Café Diva in the garden of the hotel.


Thirdly, plan a beautiful flower decoration with us Weddingplanner Freiburg for the wedding at the Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten near Freiburg. Research the flowers and plants that grow in the area and choose a selection of flowers that match the season. Let a professional florist arrange the flowers for the wedding in an elegant arrangement together with us wedding planners.

Wedding planner in Freiburg

We are wedding planners and we offer wedding planning services.

Here you will find some general information about wedding planning in the Freiburg region and the surrounding area.
The first thing to think about is what kind of wedding you want. Do you want a small and intimate wedding or a larger celebration? Where will the wedding take place? Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding ? These questions can help to get an overview of wants and needs. We wedding planners are happy to advise you!


Get married in the Black Forest

As wedding planners in the Upper Black Forest and Freiburg, we can offer a few tips to ensure the bridal bouquet is perfect. A bridal bouquet made of nothing but white peonies sounds beautiful and classic. The white peonies are a symbol of purity and beauty and are perfect for a wedding with us wedding planners from Freiburg.
First, make sure the peonies are of the highest quality and are perfectly open. An experienced florist and us wedding planners will select the best flowers and ensure they are perfectly open at the time of the wedding.
Second , make sure the bridal bouquet goes well with the wedding and the bridal dress. An experienced wedding planner will be able to select the perfect bouquet to match the mood of the Freiburg wedding and compliment the bridal gown.
Third , remember that the bridal bouquet will be worn throughout the day and must be durable. It is important that the bridal bouquet is fitted properly and is comfortable to wear.


Congratulations on the upcoming luxury wedding! As a wedding planner for Freiburg and the entire southern Black Forest, we are happy to help with the organization and planning of your dream wedding, for example at the Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten/Freiburg or the Lafette event barn in Hinterzarten . Here are some suggestions and ideas:

Firstly,  choose a suitable church or chapel near the Parkhotel Adler. There are many beautiful churches and chapels in the region that are perfect for a luxurious wedding. Some suggestions would be the St. Laurentius Church in Hinterzarten or the St. Maria Magdalena Church in Titisee. 

For a wedding in the Freiburg region and the surrounding area, there are many beautiful places that can be chosen as the venue. Some popular wedding venues include Schloss Ebnet or the Colombi Hotel in Freiburg In Hinterzarten there are also some beautiful hotels that host weddings. This wedding with us wedding planners tells of the wedding in the Lafette in Hinterzarten.


When you are planning a wedding, there are many details for us Freiburg wedding planners to consider, such as catering, music, decoration and much more. A wedding planner can help arrange these details, as well as help make the wedding of your dreams a reality.
Let us realize your beautiful wedding in the Freiburg region and the surrounding area as your wedding planner.


We wedding planners look forward to all bridal couples, wedding couples and party people who come. Planning and organizing unique weddings and celebrations – we are trained event planners and have been working full-time for 10 years.
We keep what we promise! Wanna meet?

A dream wedding in southern Germany: Gut Rehbach in Hassloch

For many couples, the wedding is the happiest day of their lives. The search for the perfect location is often a major challenge. If you are planning a dream wedding in southern Germany, you should check out Gut Rehbach in Hassloch. The location is close to Heidelberg and Mannheim and is also easy to reach from Stuttgart. In order to support you in planning your wedding, we wedding planners from Freiburg are at your side. 



Gut Rehbach is a fantastic location that is perfect for an outdoor wedding or a wedding in the open air. Followed by a celebration in a rustic barn. The surrounding area is characterized by lots of greenery, trees and meadows and thus offers the ideal setting for a romantic wedding. The location has a rustic barn, which with a few tips from us wedding planners from Freiburg can be transformed into a room with a lot of style.



As a wedding planner from Elzach near Freiburg, we are at your side in planning your dream wedding.

Ceiling suspensions

With ceiling suspensions you can make a room look smaller and create a cozy atmosphere. For example, you can let lengths of fabric or fairy lights hang from the ceiling. There are many ways in which you can design suspended ceilings – from simple fabric panels to elaborate flower installations.
Warm colors for the tablecloth and napkins
With warm colors on the tablecloth and napkins you can create a cozy atmosphere. Natural tones such as beige or brown are particularly beautiful. Red or gold colors can also create a festive atmosphere.
Many flowers
Flowers are a must for any wedding and can instantly brighten up a room. A combination of different flowers in matching colors can create an incredible effect. Whether on the tables, on the wall or on the floor – flowers can be placed anywhere.
Modern chairs
Modern chairs can transform a rustic barn or simple room into something very special. Choosing modern chairs to match the color scheme and overall aesthetic of the wedding can instantly upgrade the space.


As a wedding planner from Elzach near Freiburg, we can help you to make your dream wedding come true. We can help you with the choice of decorations, the choice of colors and with the entire planning of your wedding.

We are happy to accompany you to Gut Rehbach and support you in choosing the right decoration, organizing the catering and the music. With our tips, we wedding planners also transform a simple barn into a stylish room.


A rustic barn provides the ideal backdrop for a vintage style wedding or a romantic country style wedding. With the right decorations, which we wedding planners design with you, the barn can be transformed into a stylish room. We wedding planners from Freiburg have 5 tips for you on how you can conjure up a dreamy room for your wedding from a simple barn:
  1. Nice lighting
  2. Ceiling suspensions
  3. Warm colors for the tablecloth and napkins
  4. Many flowers
  5. Modern chairs
Nice lighting
Atmospheric lighting is the be-all and end-all for a romantic atmosphere. Hanging lamps or fairy lights can create a special atmosphere. Candles on the tables or in lanterns can also create a romantic atmosphere.




The beautiful outdoor wedding took place in one of the top locations in the wedding industry near Heidelberg and was perfectly tailored to the bride and groom. The wedding cake was magical and rounded off the wedding planner’s entire decoration concept. Another special highlight of the evening was the wedding dance, which wedding planner Anna-Maria planned and guided perfectly. On the terrace next to the dinner hall, our wedding couple danced their first dance as married couples and captivated all the guests and us as wedding planners.



Our wedding planning service includes the entire planning and organization of your wedding. From the location search, to the selection of service providers such as catering and music, to the decoration and design of your wedding day. At Rockweddings we are here to support you throughout the planning process and to take the stress out of you so you can enjoy your big day to the fullest. Contact us now and let’s plan your dream wedding in Heidelberg and the surrounding area together . We offer exclusive wedding planning that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Trust in our experience and know-how and let us make your wedding an unforgettable experience.


Getting married at Hoher Darsberg with Rockweddings

A wedding is one of the most important days in the life of every couple. It’s the beginning of a chapter filled with joy, happiness and love. Planning a wedding can be a stressful and time-consuming task . Are you planning your dream wedding in southern Germany and looking for a professional wedding planner to help you plan your big day?  At Rockweddings, we specialise in helping prospective brides and grooms in southern Germany to realise their dream wedding. The Rockweddings wedding planner team has over 10 years of experience and know-how in the wedding industry and plans your wedding with great attention to detail.We offer holistic wedding planning that is perfectly tailored to your needs and ensures that your big day remains unforgettable. Whether you want to get married in Heidelberg, Mannheim or Freiburg – we will accompany you in the overall planning up to the after party.


One of our special weddings took place on the Hohen Darsberg in Heidelberg . Here we have planned a unique wedding in the middle of nature, which has united  the German and Japanese wedding culture .

Black Forest Winter Wedding

A wedding in the Wintry Black Forest, surrounded by snow and a fantastic backdrop, is an unforgettable experience for your wedding celebration. The rustic barn in Triberg near Freiburg offers a unique location for a fairytale wedding. With the help of our experienced wedding planner your special day will be unforgettable. 

The journey to the wedding location in the Black Forest near Freiburg was a challenge due to the winter conditions. But we wedding planners at rockwedding also solve challenges with bravery. The couple and their guests are looked after by Anna and her team to ensure everyone arrives comfortably and safely. 


The decoration of the barn was designed by vonRock Events from Elzach near Freiburg with round tables and Louis-Chairs in an elegant style. The tablecloths are in a cream tone that creates a light and cozy atmosphere. Wedding planner Anna paid special attention to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere with light. The barn was wrapped in a warm and romantic ambience with candles and fairy lights.



All vendors engaged for the wedding were coordinated by wedding planner Anna. The wedding planner thus ensured that the wedding celebration in the barn in the Black Forest near Freiburg went smoothly. A wedding in the snow naturally comes with its challenges, but with the support of an experienced Rockwedding wedding planner, your wedding will be a day to remember. The rustic barn in Triberg near Freiburg offers the perfect location for a fairytale winter wedding in the Black Forest like this one. 


The most important to-do's when planning a wedding


1. Make a rough guest list to get an idea of the size of the wedding.
2. Set a budget for the wedding.
3. Think about the date and time of year you want the wedding to take place.
4. Consider the type and style of wedding you want (e.g. traditional, modern, rustic, beach wedding).
5. Research potential wedding venues and ask about availability and prices.
6. Start looking for wedding service providers like photographers, caterers, florists, and musicians.
7. Find a wedding dress and suit for your partner.
8. Decide on colors and a theme for the wedding.
9. Decide if you want to create a wedding invitation or create a wedding website.
10. Start planning details like the wedding cake, floral arrangements, and wedding favors for guests.

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but keeping an eye on important to-do’s can ensure that the wedding goes smoothly and is a memorable event.
Therefore, we wedding planners from Freiburg have a perfect and clear time list and the associated to-do which we work on together with our bridal couples.
Therefore, we wedding planners from Freiburg have a perfect and clear time list and the associated to-do which we work on together with our bridal couples.
Good luck and enjoy planning your dream wedding! For everyone else in wedding fever: We wedding planners from Freiburg are happy to support you in southern Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy.
Would you like individual advice on everything to do with weddings? We wedding planners also offer consultations via video call, in our showroom near Freiburg or on location – feel free to register!


You ask - I answer!

We wedding planners at Freiburg also have the right offer for all bridal couples who are at the beginning of their wedding planning: DIY with professional support for the wedding of a wedding planner – our consultation at the weddingloft near Freiburg. You ask – I answer  is the motto here as we wedding planners support our bridal couples in planning their wedding.
We wedding planners look forward to all bridal couples, wedding couples and party people who come. Planning and organizing unique weddings and celebrations – we are trained event planners and have been working full-time for 10 years.
We keep what we promise! Wanna meet?